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    Floor Area Ratio (FAR) calculation for residential plots in Expressway as per Building Bye Laws

    Check The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) For Your Plot In FAR-Expressway From The Table Below. If You Have The Plot Size In Sq. Yards Then Make Sure To Convert It To Sq. M There Are 0.83612736 Square Meters In 1 Square Yard. To Convert From Square Yards To Square Meters, Multiply Your Figure By 0.83612736 (Or Divide By 1.1959900463011)​

    The table shown below is only applicable for plots in FAR-Expressway.

    To take an example, say, your plot size is 300 sq. yards. Convert 300 sq. yards to sq. meters by multiplying it by 0.83. After conversion 300 sq. yards comes out to be 250 sq. meters For a 250 sq. meters plot in Delhi the FAR = 300 (as checked from the table).​

    FAR = (Total Area Of All Floors * 100)/ Plot Area​​Therefore, Total area of all floors = (FAR*Plot Area)/100

    Total Area Of All Floors For 300 Sq. Yards = (300*300*9)/100 = 8100 Sq. Ft.​(Factor of 9 has been used to convert plot size from sq. yards to sq. ft.)

    If you are planning to consume the full FAR of your plot in Delhi then  according to the Delhi Bye Laws you can only build 4 floors. Therefore, the per floor  coverage area comes out to be 8100/4 = 2025 sq. ft.

    Note: Balconies, Stilt Parking, Basement, Lift Shaft & Mumty are excluded from Floor area ratio (FAR) calculations. This list is not exhaustive and certain areas may get added during finalization of drawings

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